Champyang International Ltd., Co.

Honesty first

HONESTY is enterprise spirit of CHAMPYANG, we expect it to be implemented in every part, from suppliers to corporate to clients the whole system, and we believe it is the only way to make corporate sustainable development.


Service oriented

We’re in a period of entering the INDUSTRY 4.0. Service is no longer an add value, but a key for corporate competitiveness. The goal of CHAMPYANG is to provide irreplaceable service, and create value from service whit our clients.


Innovative development

Keep innovating can make corporate maintain the energy to challenge the rapidly changing market. The innovation of CHAMPYANG not only in product, manufacturing and technology, but also in services, marketing and corporate culture.


Efficiency support

We are living in the generation of information explosion; fast and effective support is the key to winning. CHAMPYANG will integrate excellent suppliers to provide customers with the most efficient logistics support.