Champyang International Ltd., Co.

Innovative Development

As a professional electronic component supplier, provide product innovation and development service to customer with superior technology, is our responsibility and honor. Development is divided into the following three types.


Partial innovation or improvement of existing products. Modify products to improve functionality or reduce costs, or customized modifications to meet customer requirement. It’s a component innovation and process innovation. And it’s very important for the life cycle of the company’s main products. 


Different from the partial innovation (Cost, Quality, Product performance) of the derivative type, the platform type is to improve the comprehensive problems in the product. In other words, it is a comprehensive upgrade of a product 2.0. To maximize its value, this type of innovation requires customers and suppliers to participate.


An innovation that has made major breakthroughs in technology and market, This type is accompanied by higher costs and risks. But a successful breakthrough product can create a new core for company. It’s a key point for the transformation and upgrading of company and the expansion of scale.